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              25 June 2022

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              REF 2021

              Birmingham City University's hub for everything related to the Research Excellence Framework.

              £1,000 scholarship

              Looking to study an undergraduate course starting in 2022/23? You could be eligible for our Meet or Beat scholarship.

              Meet or Beat


              We have seven halls of residence offering a range of on campus and inner city living.

              Halls of Residence

              Student Life

              Whether you’re moving to Birmingham or you’re a Brummie at heart, there’s so much to student life here to explore.

              Life in Birmingham

              BCU 2025

              How Birmingham City University is making a difference now and into the future.

              BCU 2025

              I AM BCU

              We have a confident, proud and diverse community of students at BCU, who are striving to achieve their career goals and transform their lives.

              University News


              A book signing and reading by Chancellor Sir Lenny Henry was one of the myriad of activities enjoyed by families at a day marking the start of the annual Inspired Festival.

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              BBC Asian Network founder appointed to University’s Board of Governors

              Champion of the creative industries and founder of the BBC Asian Network Anita Bhalla OBE has been named as the next Chair of Birmingham City University’s Board of Governors.

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              Sir Lenny Henry marks anniversary of media diversity centre

              The Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity marked its second anniversary with news?of?research around tax breaks to encourage diversity?in?new productions.

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